Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day 9: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 9 of 28:How I Write!

Day 9: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 9 of 28:How I Write!

My new novel, Blood Brothers, is to be launched on 1st October. This is day 9 of the countdown to the launch.  

So today, I'm panicking!

There is a lot of work to do before the new novel is actually launched. I'm in the hands of other people and that feels very uncomfortable - will we actually make the deadline?

The sad thing about this part of creating books is that I can't actually do much creative writing.  

There are too many other things going on around me.  

Plus my latest creative project is writing the script for a television play and I'm finding that quite unlike writing a novel! Yes, you do need a story arc - a plot - with a beginning/introduction, some challenges and obstacles to make up the middle and then some kind of resolution. But after that, I'm finding the form quite different. And for me, much less satisfying.

I fell a little in love with Jet, the hero of my first novel, The Wolf Project. With Blood Brothers, I am still a little in love with Julian. I shall only fall out of love with him when I start on novel three and that will be after I complete the play.

I write novels in great big, explosive, bursts of activity - around a 1,000 words a day.  These words then need to be refined and refined until they make some kind of sense. But the general thrust and where I want to go is usually there at the beginning.  Sometimes, though, the story and the characters just take-off in a new direction and to a new place that you didn't expect. The third part of Blood Brother changed completely after my content editor, bless her, first read it! That was exciting and I hope you enjoy the results.

So, for now, I go back to worrying about the timetable and doing what I can to get us there.  I hope you will stay with me on this journey!

Come back tomorrow for day 10!
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