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Day 21: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 21 of 28: You Will Love The Glamerines

Day 21: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 21 of 28: You Will Love The Glamerines

New Book - Blood Brothers is to be launched on 1st October. This is day 21 of the countdown to the launch.

Come with me back to the 80s and those wonderful and very glamorous bands and artists like David Bowie!

If you liked them, you'll love the Glamerines and the gloriously handsome Julian Justin, their frontman.

If you weren't around then, you'll still enjoy meeting them and the lovely Julian!

Great survivors are the Glamerines. 

As styles change, they just rock on, with the base and the volume turned up or down as suits. 

They always follow fashion - in their own rock and roll way!

They have a special look, with make-up that would make a Paris model jealous.

Smooth as a peach and beautiful they are at the start of their set. 

Of course, two hours later, the black stubble is breaking through again. 

On stage, once they start to sweat, they look as rough and tough as their music. 

And the lovely Julian, with a voice like wild honey? 

Well, Julian always looks as sweet as their sweetest song and as strong as the prince in a teenage fan's dreams. 

In the 80s, how the girls love Julian!

Strong, beautiful and very masculine are the Glamerines - and Julian? 

On-stage, he is loved by every woman. 

Off-stage, the girls still love him, but Julian? Well, his thoughts go in another direction!  

So there he is; a six foot two, slim but well-muscled, streak of silver; so powerful on stage with his beautiful long, blond hair. 

But trouble is stalking the Glamerines! 

Blood Brothers and the Glamerines are coming on 1st October!

Here is a link to my first book The Wolf Project 

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