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Day 2: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 2 of 28: Liz Meets the General Plus the Blood Brother's Facebook Page

Day 2: Blood Brothers Count Down Day 2 of 28: Liz Meets the General Plus The Blood Brother's Facebook Page  

For those who missed my own Facebook post here is what appeared on Day 2 on The Wolf Project Blog!

Liz meets the General

Day 2 in the 28 day countdown to the launch of my second novel, Blood Brothers, and I've been thinking about my first one, The Wolf Project. I loved writing about Liz and Jet and how their lives intertwined. Here in this extract is Liz's first encounter with General Jet Meadows. I hope you enjoy it. You can find the rest of the book at this link.  

"You look lovely by the way – Wales must be good for you."  Alex always knew how to make her feel confident.
"So, what do you think they want – General Jet and his Gattling Gun?" Alex chortled.. "Gattling Gun?  No, no, that is not the right word but it is definitely the lovely Annabel who is shooting the bullets on this. She is truly  formidable! It is Annabel I've been speaking to through our American partner. Annabel is determined the General will take his "rightful" place in American history. He retires in a few months and she wants to publish the book to coincide. I think he usually does what she wants – she is quite a character." "And his rightful place?" Alex looked quizzical; "Hmm, that is going to be for you to judge. They are here for three weeks. He has some official things to do and she has friends here but I think they want to make some trips as well and he likes fishing. He likes hunting too but I don't think we have anything big enough. You won't get much time with them in London. You should get an interesting trip to Washington."

Liz wasn't very keen on the hunters of this world and she shivered. Although she had gone fishing with Evan on their river in Wales, she didn't like killing things. But a trip to Washington could be an intriguing experience. It sounded even better when Alex added; "They are prepared to pay very generous travelling expenses and your fee is going to be outrageous. It will be paid in the UK in Sterling, of course."

It was time to get into a taxi and make the journey to Browns. The journey from Soho Square to Albemarle Street in Mayfair wasn't far but Liz wasn't in the mood to walk. She never really enjoyed meeting new clients these days.  But she knew she was a good writer and a very good researcher. On this commission, that, and the ability to get on with the General and his wife, seemed to be the main requirements.  She knew that Alex had done what he could to prepare the way on both sides.

The Meadows were a striking couple. Annabel Hutchison Meadows had been, and remained, a beauty! She was in her fifties, the mother of two grown-up children and grandmother of three. But you would have guessed much younger. She was petite, blond, slim and had just the slightest Southern accent. If Liz had pictured an elegant American grand dame in pocket size, Annabel would have been it. Suddenly, Liz very much wished she'd stuck to that healthy eating plan – she was what the kind call curvaceous. Annabel was charming, of course. But, Liz had no doubt that she was someone who expected to be taken very seriously indeed. This lady usually got what she wanted in life.

As for the General! Well, even out of uniform and in a plain dark suit, you'd notice him in a crowded room. He was tall and quite broad at the shoulder and very fit looking. The photo didn't do him justice! He was good looking but there was something about his eyes that looked weary - almost as if he had seen to much.

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