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Meet Robert and Mary - They Are In For A Shock!

Meet Robert and Mary - They Are In For A Shock!

I have a new book to be called "Blood Brothers" that will be published shortly and here is some information about two more characters

"What exactly did he say again?" Mary Blond  was wrapped up in a tired, and very old, brown, dressing gown and clutching a hot water bottle. It was May but it had been a cold, overcast, day before it turned to rain. Her husband, Robert, sported a red and black striped dressing gown of similar age. He was getting a bit fed up - this was the third time he'd told her the tale. "He said the girls were safe in his care. He would drive them home and that he was looking forward to meeting us." They were both perplexed. Their daughter might admire pop singers but this would be first she had brought home.

In fact, Jenny had never "brought" anyone home. They knew she had been out in crowds that included boys and girls and that she had had a study buddy who was a boy. But they knew she hadn't considered him in a romantic light. As far as they knew, she had never had a boyfriend.

"Well, what did he sound like?"  Robert was getting the tiniest bit annoyed now - he had never had the kind of daughter who presented this kind of problem and his wife being obtuse was making things worse. "He had an educated voice, actually; I was surprised it was a very pleasant voice. He was very polite and well-spoken. Not what I would have expected at all." As he moved to pour his wife another cup of tea, the doorbell sounded.

What greeted him at the door came as something of a surprise. There was a very tall, slim young man with long, blond hair who appeared to be dressed all in white down to the white leather boots on his feet. All was topped off with a white fedora and he was enveloped in a long white fur coat. Next to him was a tall, blond, young woman in a very short skirt and bright red shoes.

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