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Meet Jenny Blond

Meet Jenny Blond

I have a new book to be called "Blood Brothers" that will be published shortly and here is some information about another key character!

Meet Jenny Blond

Jenny Blond never was blond. No, she never was! Jenny Blond looked like a brown mouse, but she wasn't that either. 

Jenny Blond was bright, very bright and very determined. 

Most of all, Jenny wanted to be a long way from Middleton, her home town, and all that she had known so far!

Jenny lived in a very ordinary house in that very ordinary Midland's town. And this not very ordinary girl was getting ready to go and see the Glamerines.

Jenny Blond was studying for her A Levels and she was living a "nice girl's" life. 

She and her hard working parents lived in a shabby-chic Victorian end-of-terrace. I don't think they would have used the words shabby-chic to describe it though - in 1982.

It looked out over a lovely park and they had good neighbours. There was a friendly Sikh on one side and a retired shop keeper and his wife on the other. 

Jenny's parents, Robert and Mary Blond, were staunch members of their local Methodist church. 

And Jenny, herself? 

Well, she looked the kind of girl who suited her brown school uniform - it went with her mousy brown hair. 

But that was a little deceptive.

Jenny had no intention of spending the rest of her life in Middleton. 

She was studious at school because that could provide a route out. Her parents had expected her to be academic and she was, because she chose to be. 

She had her own small circle of very carefully picked friends and her one particular friend, Peggy. 

Peggy shared her greatest love and that was for Julian Justin and the Glamerines. 

Jenny had told her parents she going to the Glamerines' concert at the Crescent Stadium - it was half-term after all. 

This was the one and only time that year when the Glamerines would play a gig within easy traveling distance of Middleton.

Now, Julian's fans used to show their love by wearing blond wigs that looked vaguely like his chosen hair style – think David Bowie in the film Labyrinth and you won't be far wrong!

 Jenny had saved her pocket money to buy both her ticket and the wig. So had Peggy! 

They had put together their own version of the glamorous rock chick look, complete with shoulder pads. 

And, yes, Jenny now looked very different to her usual brown mouse. 

The lanky school girl was now a slim, good looking, young woman with a lovely figure.”

You can meet the Glamerines at this link 

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